I never expected to be in this place.  Blade Bunny with a following.  Blade Bunny as a comic at all is a weird thing but that people actually like the little  Leporidae sociopath is a bit of a surprise for me.  I mean I love Bunny but I am also a pretty weird guy so it comes as a shock that I have fellow weirdoes out there on the web.

Bunny was the first comic I ever wrote.  Blade Bunny originally named Bunny’s Tale was an entry in a comic writing script contest.  You see back in the distant past of 2005 there was a bit of a bubble with webcomics.  There was a lot of excitement around this new distribution method and startups were trying to jump on the bandwagon.  People were so excited about webcomic they were offering to pay writers, that’s how out of hand things were.

This company, I forget who they were and they went under soon after so it doesn’t really matter, was offering writers a chance at a contract through one of those contest things.  Yea it was a scam but it encouraged me to get off my butt and start writing so I call it a net positive.  Bunny was my entry. 

Or a simplified form of bunny was my entry. The story was much smaller made to fit in the 23 page format of the contest. (coincidentally this is why there are the short “books” in this story).  Wolf was not involved nor was any of Bunny’s more spectacular feats or the hints of a larger universe.  But the core of Bunny was there a ninja girl that acts like a ditz but is really an expert killer.

The comic was soundly and quickly reject (rejection notice in 3 hours from submitting) so I put the script into my slush pile and started work on a fantasy comedy about a transgendered barbarian.  But Bunny never left my mind, there is something innately endearing and simultaneously scary about the character for me.  From time to time I would reread and revise the script a little.

Fast forward to 2008.  My TG fantasy (Exiern) is struggling with the current artist having trouble keeping up with the work load.  I start a search for a replacement artist and found Erwin.  An artist that is way to talented to even talk to the likes of me in the normal course of events.  I guess I can thank George Bush for destroying the economy and forcing Erwin to lower his standards. 

I gave Erwin some test work and he did a phenomenal job.  Unfortunately the artist for Exiern was back working at full strength.  The position I was grooming him for had closed up.  But I didn’t want to lose Erwin so I ask him if he would be interested in any of the comics from my slush pile.  Out of 12 scripts he picked Bunny.

Now this made me a little nervous.  The initial rejection of Bunny was pretty brutal  from the company I submitted to.  And while I like the comic none of my writer friends do.  In fact most of them thought it was pretty dumb.  They don’t say “Eric this is pretty dumb” but they have this look in their eyes when they say “Oh that’s interesting” that letme know they think it’s dumb.

But I wanted to keep Erwin working for me and he liked Bunny.  I figure I will have him work on a few pages for a portfolio before I find something better for him to do.  Also deep in my heart I kind of loved the Blade Bunny script and Bunny as a character.  She is very freeing to write and the script is so crazy it’s just plain fun.

So, Erwin started to work on the pages.  Erwins work is phenomenal as usual and he asked if I was thinking of submitting it to a publisher.  I was not because of my own lack of confidence in the material and because it was submitted once to a publisher  and they  hated it.  But, at his urging we work up a submission packet.

The comic is submitted to a two manga companies and we recieve politely rejections from them.  There are of course more companies I could have submitted it to more but really I hate submitting comics.  The whole process tastes like ash in my mouth.  So after the second rejection letter I say “screw this, I’m posting this sucker on the web”.

I post it not because I have much confidence in Bunny’s story but because Erwins art is so bloody awesome it calls out to be shown.  Hiding it away would be a crime. 

Blade Bunny is posted.  Each day the number increase.  More people stop by and read the comic.  Interest slowly grows.  It becomes to my surprise, mildly successful.  There are people out there like me.  People who get it.  This is a shock.

And that brings us to today.  I had no planed on there being a following for Bunny.  I though at the end of the chapter I could go on hiatus and no one would notice.  And I need to go on hiatus. 

You have no doubt noticed the increasing spelling errors cropping up in the comic.  This is a symptom of how little time I have in my life right now.  I feel like I am a double amputee trying to juggle chainsaws and flaming torches and the result is just a messy as you might imaging it to be.  I need a break even though Erwin is cranking away on these pages at a phenomenal rate.

So for the next two week Bunny is going to have some guest strips and some fillers.  If anyone wants to submit a filler comic it is open (drowemos@yahoo.com).  On the 22nd Bunny will return with the next chapter.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being odd balls like me.