I love Sins.  Pip is one of the first comics creators I started following back in the day.  There is just something about his art and world that is endearing.   The world of Sins really doesn’t make a lot of sense when you get right down to it but that is sort of it’s charm.  It’s just the wild messed up universe where people are trying to make a life for themselves.

That’s sort of the endearing thing about Pip’s stories.  The universes are really messed up but the people are always real people.  Pip is able to capture real humanity in his inhuman atrocities of characters.   You can tell that Pip knows and loves his character and that is really what makes his comic for me.

Needless to say I was pretty pleased when he sent this filler comic for Blade Bunny.  Granted it has nothing to do with the comic since Bunny is just wearing a bunny outfit.  But still it made me laugh. 

Make sure to check out Sins and thank Pip for the comic.