So when I went on the 2 week break here I asked for some submission. Pip of sins was the first to reply and I wrote up a little short blurb about the comic. I had intended to write up a little bit about each artist that submitted something but being on hiatus is all about not having enough time to do things so I guess I have an excuse.

But now I’m back and I should rectify my omissions because I was grateful to everyone who helped out. To start off with I would like to talk about Devilbear.

Now you are probably expect me to say how I have always loved Devilbear. But that is not true. I hated the comic when I first saw it. But the comic had hot women in it so I would check it out from time to time. Devilbear has a unique mindset that takes a little while to get in to. I am not exactly saying it grew on me it was more like a switch being turn. One minute I didn’t get it at all and then the next is all came into focus and it was awesome.

Devilbear is… Well I can’t explain it. There is just something totally cool about the uncoolness of it. It’s and evil carebear with a harem of hot demon girls. It rock and roll and whinny the pooh. It makes no sense at all until you read all of it and then it’s brilliant. Devilbear is awesome but you have to give it time to worm its way into your brain and lay its eggs of coolness. I would highly recommend you check it out.