Today we are starting something new here.  A new story of Bunny’s adventures, One that is driven by the readers comments.

Here is how it’s going to work.  Each Friday I am going to post the latest sketch by Erwin and a bit of prose from myself of the latest chapter in Bunnies adventures.  You the reader then have till Wednesday to post a comment about what you would like to see happen next.   I will take the most interesting comment an convert it into the next chapter of the story to be posted with an illustration on Friday.

I say most interesting instead of most popular for two reasons.  1) I don’t want to make a porno and you and I both know the most popular comments are going to be “Bunny gets naked”  2) It is up to me to write something resembling a story and while a comment may be very good it may just not inspire me.

I will do my best to take the direction of the story from the comments.  However I do have to have the disclaimer that sometimes there will be no interesting comments or at least no interesting comments that I can work into a story.

These adventures are going to be non-canonish.  In other words they are not part of the official Blade Bunny lore unless I like it and decided it is.  Also I am not sure there is a canon for Blade Bunny so it might be hard to work this story into a canon that doesn’t exits.

And yes there will be typos and spelling errors.  I just don’t have the time to fix them as I will be running right at the wire on this.  If someone want to go into the system and edit the stories after they are posted I can give you a login just drop me a line.  But as posted the stories are going to be rough.

So with out further ado let’s start out Bunny’s Tale:

The branch slowly started to crack and give way underneath Bunny’s weight.  Not that a person alive would call Bunny fat.  At least not a person alive for very long .  Still the branch was groaning in a way that made it clear it was seriously considering starting an exciting new career as a collection of splinters.

While the branch consider the many things it could do as woodchips, chief among them lining the flower bed of a summer home on the cape owned by an investment banker by the name of Harold Leibnitz,  Bunny considered her own situation.

“Well I could have thought this one out a little better” she said after much pondering.


And now it’s up to you.  What happens next?