So there is something very exciting going on.  100+ Webcomic creator have banded together for a common cause, to help the weakest members of our society and fight against the blight of human slavery.  Comic Creators for Freedom is a collaborative event to raise money for two very worthy charities.

We donate 100% of what we raise to charity. The money is split evenly the between global organization Love 146and Gracehaven, a safe house being built for girls coming out of sexual slavery here in the U.S. It is only the FOURTH such house in the entire United States. So I think what they are trying to do is very important.

As you guess Bunny is participating in this worthy cause.  It is something I really believe in…

… and the wallpaper reward is EPIC!

Go donate today on the Comic Creator for Freedom right now.   For those who do there is a special free Technique badge. The snow bunny badge:


Granted this is just a free badge.  You guys are on the honor system to donate.  But I don’t think anyone would really be pro slavery and still want the badge so I think we are safe.

Thanks in advance for donating.