So have I mentioned on of the best things about having a public webcomic is the ability to steal the ideas posted in the chat by your loyal readers?  You guys are freaking hilarious. When  Douxzephyr said she was an Octobus it made me giggle and then you guys just started to go nuts with it. “This must be a wallpaper” I said to myself, “If only I knew an incredibly talleted artist who could produce such a wallpaper, oh wait I do.”

So it turns out there was a typo on this page:  Bunny didn’t wrestle an over Affectionate Octopus she wrestle and Over affectionate OctoBUS.

You can download the wallpaper here for $1 cold hard cash or by referring 7 people to the site using the virtual currency system.

Thanks for coming up with such a funny and weird idea.