So yesterday was interesting wasn’t it?  The entire internet going on strike.  Billions of of people voicing there rage over the Protect IP a bill that censors free speech and criminalizes the internet.

So clearly with such a strong showing the PIPA must be DOA right?  Well no.  We are still 5 votes short.  Sadly it’s my party, the Democrats, that are causing the problem.  Good old Harry Reid got 3.5 Million dollars form the recording industry to push this bill through no matter what and that is what he is doing.  So if you happen to live in good old Harry Reid’s district please let him know you will be voting him out off office because you kind of thought elected representatives were supposed to represent the people who elected them not just use the office to accumulation bribes.

In fact regardless of district call up your senator today and let them know you will be voting on the PIPA issue.  The contact information is here:

We only need to flip 5 more senators to win.

In other news

You may have noticed that I have gone to a twice a week schedule.  The donation drive thing was not working but there were a few out there that were really dedicated to getting another page.  I, unlike Harry Reid and the senate Democrats, pay attention to what the people want and don’t just think about money.  So thanks to people like Tony-Miles and Micheal (and a few others who’s login I don’t have because the donation system was a little busted at that point, but i still appreciate you mysterious donators) we are going to a twice a week schedule.

So twice a week but when we can.  There will probably be some weeks when we can’t manage that rate but we will do our best effort.