Today I have started up a new comic website “To Dream of Dragons”:

The site is what I loosely refer to my webcomic junk draw.  I have been doing webcomics for over 6 years now and in that time I have built up a bunch of artwork from aborted projects, artist test comics, and random stuff that just didn’t fit in.  Instead of letting that stuff just sit around I have posted it on a mini comic site.

The site will update Monday Wednesday and Friday.  At that rate I will have processed all my existing content in 5 months.  If people take to it I might continue some of the stories there .  If not it’s 5 months of free content so still not a bad deal.

We are starting out today with Zombie Velociraptors attacking a young lady with a magic ice gun.  Yes this is the way my brain works, fear me.  Take a look and let me know what you think.