So I want to say a little bit about today’s page.  You will notice in the first panel bunny looks a little funny and this is… well I would say it’s my fault but really it’s not.  The person to blame for it is Rob Liefeld.

You see the Erwin is a fan of american comic books and there are times the style in superhero comics influences his work.  I this case the original version of this page looked like this:


My first response to this was “Oh my lord!  What happened to Bunny’s spine?  I know Bunny’s supposed to be flexible but yikes!  She looks like some kind of femdroid and I don’t want to reveal that until… ”  I mean I said “yikes” and stopped talking.  I didn’t say anything after yikes.

Still I can see why Erwin drew Bunny like this.  This pose is pretty much par for the course on your average comic book cover.   It’s anatomically wrong but it’s got the comic book industry seal of approval.  If you think about it is no more “wrong” than a chibi panel to get across emotion or a classic loony toons wild take.  Comic are about deforming the character to get across meaning.  It’s just in this case the meaning was “Bunny has nice tits and ass”.  And that’s not really what I was shooting for.

Don’t get me wrong I like Bunny’s butt as much as the next guy but I really don’t want this comic to be about Bunny’s posterior.  I really hope there is more to the comic than fan service.  Sure, the can be some male gaze and sexy fun moment from time to time.  In the right scene they can be quite enjoyable.  But in a scene where Bunny is pushing her friend off a roof because she is a bit of an insane sociopath it’s just not right to focus on her assets.  Frankly if you are only here to stair at Bunny’s butt, then I have failed as a writer and you would be doing us all a favor by leaving this site and finding some porn.  If your here for the story and to stare a Bunny’s butt, well that is acceptable.

Now remember Erwin has just come back from some troubles and didn’t have a lot of drawing time.  He was doing me a favor getting the pages in for this week.  Still I had to insist that Erwin put her bottom half one the correct way.  So he did a quick redraw and it came out looking a little weird.  In this case I had to sacrifice the art of the page for meaning.

Just wanted to defend Erwins honor on this a bit.   I leave you with final thought:



I have been informed that after years of trial and error they have finally produced the perfect female superhero:

Thanks to Ben of Hero Academy  (where women’s torsos are constructed the boring normal way) for showing that to me.

Update to Update

The magic spine strikes again:

Although in Guillem March’s defense cats can actually do this: