So I was doing a search for Blade Bunny over on top webcomics to see rank of the comic…

By the way guys, 189th place?  Seriously?  I put out this comic for free twice week and all you have to do is one quick click to vote and the best you can muster is 189th place?

But anyway, while searching for bunnies on TWC I ran into the comic Red Space Blues.  RSB is a furry comic about a Bunnygirl living in a space-faring future who gets assigned the job of a Mercenary instead of a Botanist because…  acutally it’s not really clear why outside of the scientist who is running the high tech sorting hat though it would be funny.  An thus she starts her career of traveling the universe meeting interesting people and getting shot at.

Now I am actually not a fan of furry webcomics.  Furry comics on the web usually mean 3 things to me: 1) Crappy art 2) Wooden 2 dimensional characterization based off of animal stereotypes 3)Discarding story for sexual fetishes of the female (and sometimes male) characters.  In short while I have noting wrong with furies per say…  It’s just the people who make fury comics tend to produce undiluted garbage using the excuse of it being a fury comic to lower the bar to the center of the earth.

Or that’s what I thought before reading Red Space Blue because this comic is bloody awesome.  And it not bloody awesome for a fury comic, it’s bloody awesome for all webcomics (Althoght I still think the main character looks better as a human).  The character are well developed and have interesting personalities separate from their animal “race”.   The humor is spot on driven by both scifi conventions and by inter character interaction.  The art and character design is just breathtaking and yes there is fan service but not to the point where it’s distracting.  The story is ridiculous but that is part of the charm of the whole thing.  It is hands down one of the best webcomics I have seen in a while.

BUUUT there is one down side.  The comic does not seem to update very much with frequent hiatus.  At this time you got about 70 pages of story to work through and they are well worth it.  You should check it out today:

It’s something you can do while you are not voting for Blade Bunny because all that not voting must be leaving you with a lot of free time.