So here is what I discovered.  Whining about how no one is voting for Blade bunny and then talking about another comic that I think everyone should be reading gets  votes for Blade Bunny.  If we can move Blade Bunny to the first page of  Top Web Comics it would basically double the readership.  That seems something worth whining for.

So anyways.  Bla Bla Bla.  No one votes for me  Bla bla bla  Bla Bla Erwin is an amazing artist  Bla Bla bla  Think of the children.

Ok so on to the comic that you all should be reading, Derelict.

Derelict is one of those wondrous comics that takes a little time to grow on you.  That’s mostly because you have no idea what the hell is going on in the comic.  Something happened.  There was an Apocalypse of some sort.  The world is not falling apart it has fallen apart.  But the whys to all this are never explained.  It take a little while to understand that is the point of all it.

By not explaining what happened or even really giving us much insight in to what is happening the reader is trapped in the moment.  You feel the oppressive isolation of everything.  This is one of the most brilliantly written comics I have ever read and there is almost no dialog.  It is just the mood and the moment and wow.  That’s all I can say. Wow.

The story follows a lone woman trying to survive in a broken world.  She lives on a rust bucket of a ship savaging to survive.  And now I know what your thinking.  One woman in a post apocolipic world probably some sexy Lara Croft type…  Well… not exactly.

The hero is an ordinary person by all right but the simple fact that she is alive makes her extraordinary.  And yet I still have to say Derelict is the sexiest because the art is just wonderful.  It show horrible and awful things but the art work is literally artwork.

Now Derelict is a very slow moving story by it’s nature and this is not help by it’s “one a week under the best of circumstances” update schedule.  This is a comic I check on a bi monthly basis because reading it in a burst is much better than reading it a page at a time.  But if you have not read it at all you are in for a rare treat.