I’ll be atentending one and only one con this year.


Intervention is a pretty awesome con that hits that sweet spot of being big enough to have some real notable names attend but not so big that you can’t really connect with those big names.  It’s the one con I go out of my way to try and attend every year

The one problem I have with cons in general is I am really not into “selling” at cons.  It just feels like you are putting up a wall between you and the readers when you have a big table of stuff for people to buy in front of you.  Perhaps it’s just me but when you are standing in front of a sales table trying to talk to your favorite cartoonist there is always a feeling that you are wasting his/her time.  You feel like you should buy something but even if you buy something you then have the feeling that you like leave after you give the cartoonist your money.  Their is this whole “Buy stuff, walk away” vibe that really gets in the way of just talking to people.

Everything is a sales pitch at the con table so everything has this some what phony vernier over it.  I find it kind of gross.  Don’t get me wrong I understand the economic necessity of it all.  I don’t judge the people who are there just to sell stuff.  But I don’t want to talk to you guys just so I can convince  you to buy a bunny armband.

And you know what I am not going to do it.  Don’t get me wrong I like it when people give me money.  And if some one wanted a copy of blade bunny book (assuming I get it done by then) or T-shirt I have no problem with exchanging such items for coin of the realm.  But I don’t want to GO to the con to sell things.

So if I am not selling things at the con I got a bunch of free time.  Any ideas of something fun to do with said free time?  I am going to be doing panels. I love having an opportunity to spout off my big mouth. And we are going to be doing the improv comedy show for the 3rd time in a row this year.  But still I will have time when I am not doing things.

So those of you going to Intervention (Which you should do if you are in a reasonable distance of DC.  It’s not a plan flight worthy trip but a long car ride definitely.  Although if you fly into BWI there are some pretty cheap deals on Southwest that would make the trip worth it.  You then just have to take the MARC in to Union Station and then hop the Orange line to Red Line to Rockville.  Don’t take a cab ever since they switch off of zone pricing cabs have been total ripoffs in the city. And don’t get me started on the bus-lines and their “schedules are something that happen to other forms of transportation attitude”.  But the city by metro is not a bad way to travel.  The trick is to get a smarttrip card at the beginning of your visit if you are planing on doing the tourist thing.  If not, if your just going to the con, stick with the paper tickets. Granted your doing the tourist thing you can’t get to George Town by metro though which is kind of dumb, no public transportation around all the party bars? Who’s idea was that?  Someone intent on reducing the surplus 20 somethings population if you ask me. Wow this aside went long.  I sort of forgot what I was talking about… If you were going to Intervention, right, I remember now)

If you are going to Intervention got any idea of something fun to do at the con?  Also given that I have been given a table as part of my speaker roll any ideas on something to do with a con space table that’s not just boring commercialism?