So lets get the palimaries out of the way.  Each monday I post a little thing about comic I like with reminders to vote for Blade Bunny.  However this month I am throwing a little twist in.  I am taking a page out of the book of Standing (Exiern) as suggested by Micheal, and issuing a challenge to you the reader.

By the end of the month of July if Blade Bunny’s rank doth equal or exceed 75 on Topwebcomic a pinup of Bunny vs Darth Vader will be given to all.  Fail in this task and only those who pay for it will receive this bounty.  Thus I have spoken!

So let me talk Snow by Night.  This is one of my favorite comics not exactly for what it is but for what it can be.  But honestly its also for what it is.  Let me explain.

Snow by Night  is a colonial fantasy.  Take a moment to take that in.  A colonial setting with magic.  That’s awesome.  And what is even more awesome is that Eric Menge really knows his stuff when it comes to the time period.  It is a well crafted and interesting world that shows some real thought into it.

So why am I saying I like it for what it could be.  Well, the comic takes a little time to pick up speed and get to the fun part.  The title character doesn’t show up until the third chapter.  There are a lot of side character that don’t seem to be directly related at this time.  The comic in its early pages feels like it’s still trying to find it footing.

But lately it’s got really good.  The core character are there now and the world has been established.  This is one of these comics that I see coming into it’s own and am getting really excited to see where it’s going.

Well worth a read.  It’s got a slow start but so do rollercoasters and it’s starting to look like we are going to be treated to a wild ride.