There is so much to talk about today I can’t explain I can only sum up:


First off the Voting Challenge is going pretty well.  Blade Bunny is ranked as a 69 right now and…

I can hear you giggling out there.

Ranking has nothing to do with the content of the comic so get those ideas right out of your head.

Anyway good job all around on the voting.  As I said if we finish the month above 75 there will a Bunny vs Vader pinup reward.  So don’t forget to vote.


As is the tradition on Monday’s after I beg you to vote I mention another comic you should check out.  And this is a really good one although I must admit it doesn’t really need my help.

Erstwhile in a nutshell is a retelling of lesser known fair-tales in graphic novel format by some of the of the web’s top talent.  It is an absolute joy to read.  These old Fairy Tales are the hard core version of story telling with a logic all their own.  And yet in them there is something truely universal.

And when it comes to talent you can’t get better people than Gina BiggsLouisa Roy, and Elle Skinner to undertake such and endeavor.  The are people who know art and know how to craft a good story.  The site is well worth a read.   And unlike the last couple of sited I recomended this one updates 3 times a week so you don’t have the crawling comic dilemma.


So speaking of things I would like you guys to look at I would like to bring your attention back to the the website To Dream of Dragons.  As you remember this a simple site I set up for all the various unfinished and urelated project that I had collected over the years.  My webcomic Junk drawer as I called it.

Well this month I started posting the Tejedora comic.  This is something stared a couple of years ago and then lost my nerve on.  I just didn’t feel like I could do the story justice at the time. Also at the time Superhero comic really didn’t do that well on the web so I worried that the comic just would not work.

But now I am reposting it and really getting into the story again.  The basic idea is the comic follow Rachel Tejedora who is a psychic that works for the superman of the world sending him out to save the day.  The comic focus on the people in the background that make the world of superheros work.

I would like you guy to take a look at it and tell me if it’s worth expanding.  There are 24 pages going up in the next few weeks and then I will judge based on the response if I should go forward with it.

The story starts here :

and updates 3 days a week.


Last but not least I have added a new t-shirt to the store.  It’s got an image of a jet pack on the back and the phrase “Stairs are for Schmucks” on the front with a guy blasting off.  There are two versions of the T.  One with a big schmuck on the front and another with just a small schmuck on the pocket.  Personally I prefer the pocket schmuck but I figured I would give you the option of both.   As always proceeds go to paying for the comic so you get a t-shirt and support bunny.

Stairs are for Schmucks Large Image



Stairs are for Schmucks Pocket Image


Who is Inigo?

For those of you who didn’t get the Inigo refrence.  First of all Boo!  -5 nerdpoints.  Second let me explain:

And of course: