Well 2 more days to go on the Top Webcomics challenge. To remind of what this challenge is I said that if Blade Bunny ends the month on the 31st at a rank of 75 or above on Top Webcomics I would provide a free pinup of Bunny vs Darth Vader.  As of right now Blade Bunny is ranked 75…

You’re the type of people who defuse a boom when the counter reaches 1, aren’t you.

Well we are right on the edge the next few day are going to make all the diffrence so don’t forget to vote.

Space Janitors

Now normally at this point I talk about another webcomic that should be getting your attention.  But given the theme of this month was Bunny vs Vader I thought I would talk about something Starwars related.  Space Janitors is not a webcomic but a webshow set in a world that looks erry similar to a certain movie you may have seen a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Now I know we have seen a million parodies of Star Wars but this series is something different.  Let’s start with the technical aspect.  Space Janitors is not some kids playing around with their camcorder, this is a professionally produced show with special effect that are, while not top of the line, are pretty good for a free show on the internet.

The script of the show is truely above and beyond anything you have seen is a parody show.  It take the universe and makes it its own.  It’s not Star Wars but a universe based off the core concepts of Star Wars.  It also has a real Venture Brothers vibe in that it focuse on the the little guys in the planet destroying death cannon not the people on the command bridge.  The dialog is snappy and funny and anyone can get into it not just Star Wars fans.

And then there is the acting.  The acting on the show is phenomenal.  It is what really makes the show.  The actors sell the scenarios and the world.  These are people that deserve to be in major sitcoms and movies but they are slumming it here on the net with us.

All and all I highly recommend you check it out.  The conversation at the beginning of episode 7 is worth your time alone.

Space Janitors 

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