Yet again another post to remind you to vote for Blade Bunny on top web comics.  We are going to have a new challenge but as we are starting the month a little behind it’s going to be a rolling challenge.   If we make it this month great.  If not we will get a second chance on the in September with credit from August.   The reward will be a wallpaper of:

Blade Bunny races the Torturous Samurai

The goal for this month is of course:

69 dudes!

The goal for next month if we miss the target is going to be 69 plus however much we are over 75 this month (69+((Aug Total)-75)).

The booth at the end

So moving on to something kind of fun.  I have made a deal with you now lets talk about a man that makes deals.  Again normally I talk about webcomics but like last week I want to talk instead about a video series again.  This time the series in question is the Booth at the End.

What can I say about this show.  It is simply brilliant.  One of the limiting factors of webseires is the their budget.  You simply can’t compete with the a full television production for special effect and set.  The Booth at the End gets around all this by simply having everything happen in a diner booth.

The premise is simple.  Somewhere their is a diner with a man sitting in a booth.  You tell this man what you want.  The man gives you a task to complete.  You complete the task you get what you want.  Or you can choose to walk away from this Faustian deal.  Either way you will be changed after you met the man.

The show is a character study backed up with some very well nuanced performances by the actors.  The first season aired back in 2010 and is available to watch for free on hulu.  I bring it up because this week after 2 years in limbo the Booth at the End returns for a second season.  It is well worth you time to watch the first season and I hope the second season lives up to the standards of the first.  It’s not a perfect show mind you but it’s a cut above most of the things you’ll find online or on network tv.