Hey back again with your weekly reminder that we have a voting challenge up.  Blade Bunny Vs Tortoise Samurai wallpaper reward if we make our goal of 69 dudes.  A even if we don’t make it we get credit for next month.  All you have to do is vote

Vote for Blade Bunny

Awkward Spaceship

Now for something else you should be checking out.  I know I promised to get off of the videos and talk about webcomics again but this week I Awkward Spaceship released a video that just floored me and I just had to share.  What is Awkward Spaceship you ask?  Well it one of those Youtube channels buy this guy Dave Urlakis  where he tries to be funny.  The thing that really set it apart is that the Dave Urlakisis actually really funny.

The humor of Awkward Spaceship focus on geek culture around comic book, computers, and video games but yet again instead being the same old stuff you have seen over an over again Dave takes a unique spin on it all.  While its definelty sardonic humor it’s not mean spirited.  The bit revel in the culture instead of mocking it.

It’s worth some time to go through.