I generally avoid talking about topical issues here but I think we know that there is a real serious issue that has been in the news.  Thanks to a few selfish and stubborn individuals and their failure to find a compromise we are facing a problem that threatens us all. I am of course talking about the closing of Hostess Bakeries.

Now I know some of you think that I am over reacting.  But you have not fully comprehended the implication of this closure.  Hostess Bakeries are the makes of Hostess Fruit Pies.  And as everyone know Hostess Fruit Pies are the only know weakness of

The Icemaster

Click the image to download the wallpaper by Erwin

That’s right with the closing of Hostess there is nothing to stop this cold hearted villain who is not only the master of ice but life-stealing cold.  Truly this is the Mayan prophesy realized.

And don’t try and comfort yourself by saying the Icemaster is just a comic book character, for Icemaster has demonstrated the ability to pierce realities.  After all he started out as a villain in a Hostess Fruit Pie advertisement

But he was soon able to cross over into the main Marvel Comic reality.

What is to stop him from crossing over into our world?  Not Hostess Fruit Pies, not any more.  Sure go ahead in your quite little lives believing everything is fine if that makes you happy.  I, for one, have seen the peril on the horizon and I can no longer keep quite.  Damn you Hostess you have doomed us.  You have doomed us all.


Also free wallpaper just because when I get in one of my crazy moods they include wallpapers.

Comic Scans taken from http://www.againwiththecomics.com and Io9.com