You can really learn a lot from this comic:



Specifically, you can learn that if you are racist, a random stranger will give you an all expenses paid world tour vacation.  And here I was being open minded like a chump.  This is just like the parable of the prodigal son where Jesus reminds us to be wasteful and selfish because our family will always bail us out in the end.

Well no more. I am going to start being racist. Let’s see…    Who should I hate?

I know I will hate and discriminate against silicon based entities.

Oh sure, that doesn’t sound like much now, but when the singularity hits I am going to be the most racist guy around. And then I get all the free vacations I want.  Perhaps the machine overlords will send me to beaches so I can appreciate silicon more.  That or strip clubs.  Honestly, this is the best plan I have ever had.