You may have noticed that the site crashed a bit yesterday.  Some of this was the fault of the hosting company… Actually most of it was the fault of the hosting company but the problem was made worse by the fact that Blade Bunny is  not a very efficient site.   And of the memory hogs on the site the Coin of the realm plugin is the worst offender.

I commissioned coin of the realm because I wanted to let people know I that when they share this comic it produces a real value for me.  Linking the comic is basically the same as donating money to the comic so it made sense to reward people for that.

But my high ideals didn’t really translate into effective results.  Only a few people used COTR meaning that you have a few people with a ton of coins and most people with little or no coins.  With no way to give coins to other people it very quickly developed into a broken economy.

So I am shutting down COTR and looking for a simpler system to sell virtual goods on the site.  If you have bough anything through COTR you have one week to download your stuff before the links disappear.

Life is all about experiments.  This one didn’t turn out well but I am glad I tried it.