bunny_image_productviewJust a reminder  that Blade Bunny Volume 1 went on preorder this week.  You get a discount price if you live in the UK.  If you don’t the shipping pretty much eats up the discount but it still helps out a lot.  See the publisher has set a goal of sales we need to meet to get Volume 2 published.  At the time of this post you guys have manage to make it to 20%  of that goal in sales.  A great start but there are still miles to walk before we sleep, as they say.

Volume 1 has 112 pages from books 1 to 5 of the comic plus 3 unpublished pages being sold for a preorder discount of £8.00 or about $12.50.  You can preorder the book through Gashu Group’s website here.


And thanks.