So I was thinking that Blade Bunny needed a theme song because…

And given such a strong and compelling reasons I have started a search for a musician to commission fora Blade Bunny theme song. Except I really don’t know what a BB theme song should be.

See, I am not much of a music person.  I mean I enjoy music but I don’t really keep track of songs.  If asked what my favorite song is I usually reply “um… I like the one with the drums.  I forget what’s it’s called it has singing and I think their’s a choirs… a choirs is when your repeat the same thing right?  I think they do that.   Like 75% sure their’s a choirs”

I like music but afterward a song just slips from my brain like water.  And this can be a problem when trying to commission music since the commissionie kind of likes to know what you want.  I saves a lot of time over just randomly putting together chords until the client is satisfied.

In short I lack the vocabulary to talk to a musician.  So I figured I would ask you guys. What do you think a Blade Bunny theme song should sound like.  You have any examples.

I’ll start.  One I have always liked for Bunny is Stamp on the Ground:

You know the one with the drums and the singing.

So what do you guys think is a good example of a Blade Bunny theme song.