I was poring out a bag of topsoil on my garden just now and right in the middle of it was a bone.


It looks like a big turkey bone to me bit I also know this is how every crime show and horror movie starts. It’s not anything of the human variety is it?

Because if it’s human I am either going to be haunted by the spirits of the Native Americans who’s grave was disturbed or I a bunch of driven, smart talking yet quirky forensic detective are going to start harassing me. Frankly I am hoping for the spirits of the dead. They make less sardonic comments expecting you to be so impressed with how clever they are. But either way it’s bad.

In the haunting scenario I can never remember if you are supposed to go into the light or away from the light. I mean, light sound like a good thing to me. Who doesn’t like light.

In the crime drama the way these thing play out I will probably be the one who did it. After all who would expect the one who posted about the bone to be the killer. It would be just the think a killer would do to throw you off the track.

Except no one I know has mysteriously disappeared. Unless I got an illegal immigrant to take on their identity and live their life. Once the heat dies down we will restart our illicit affair. My God! I’m fiendish.

But seriously this is just some animal bone that got burred in the compost heap of where ever the garden soil came from right?

You know even that sounds kind of bad for a garden. I think I will shop elsewhere for my garden supplies from now on.