Go with me on a journey for a little bit:

Researchers at University of British Colombia in Vancouver have invented a battery powered by blood.  The way they have accomplished this feat is to create a chip  that has yeast bonded to it.  When the yeast break down the sugar in the blood the process produces excess electrons that are captured by the chemicals in the chip to create electricity.


It is very possible in the future we will be powering our consumer electronics with our own blood.  Not only would this be a convenient way to power our portable devices it would be a form of weight-loss. The battery would be pulling sugars out of your blood stream for electric power instead of those sugars being stored in fat.  Instead of spending an hour at the gym you would just hook yourself up to your tv and watch a hour of reality shows to shed the pounds.

Their is just one problem.  Since the chip uses yeast to run the waste products of the yeast are dumped into the individuals blood stream.  Said waist products being alcohol.  Yep that’s right the bio battery makes you drunk.  The more power you pull out of it the more alcohol produced and the more inebriated you would get.   It’s a whole new meaning to the phrase “Drunk on power”.

So basically the 1993 Science Fiction movie Knights was the most accurate portrayal of the future.


Who knew.