There are many things I must tell you.


The update schedule is going to be wonky for a little while.  Something is going on with Eriwn.  I am in contact with him sporadically and he has told me he is very busy.   I will let you know more about what is going on as I find out myself.  I would commission a filler comic to keep thing going but that really feels like it would interrupt the flow of the story right now.


The first of the month is coming this Monday.  As we did this month we are going to have a special reward for anyone who votes from the 1st to the 4th.  This time we are going to have the Chrome Cowboy theme song for download.  So don’t forget vote early and vote often.


Book 2 of Blade Bunny has gone on official sale.  For those of you waiting to grab the book from amazon and get the super saver shipping that you kids these days like, now is the time.  As always buying direct from the publisher puts more money in my pocket but it doesn’t make a lot of sense if you are outside the UK.

Amazon Listing:

Publisher Listing:


You may have noticed I took down link to for my children’s book, “Sarah’s Missing Shadow”, Kickstarter.  At the halfway point and only 15% of the goal reach I have to call this a failure.  A lot of the metrics I am looking at  say the problems is not nessarily with the marketing or sales technique, although that could use redefining, but with the story.  People are just not that interested in the story.  At this point the better place to send you’re support is through the Blade Bunny books.


Speaking of Kickstarters a buddy of mine has starter a Kickstarter for a comic that explores the double standards that exist in society for men and women.  It use the superhero genre to illustrate the point.  I have read a preview book and it is really well done and thought provoking.  It is worthy of some support.