Well I managed to wrangle a last minute spot at the Small Press Expo (http://www.spxpo.com/; 9/14-9/15) .  SPX is THE con for indie comics.  Honestly I don’t normally go to SPX. It’s a bit too Hipster for my comics that have “nativities” and “look good”.  But this year is looking to be something special.  Due to registration muckups SPX is going to be twice the size it normally is.   Meaning that at least 75% of the con is going to be a bunch of us plebeian creators who like have comics with jokes, fights and stories (aka entertainment).  It is really worth checking out this year.

I will be a table 12 B sharing space with Viga (http://www.panelburg.com/), who also makes very fun comics.  Got to say. SPX standards are really slipping this year. It’s entirely possible you will walk out with a bunch of comic that are not pretentious, preachy and poorly draw.  What is the world coming to.