I recently got some interesting news from Erwin.  He is getting married at the end of October.  That’s the good news.

The difficulty is that neither Erwin or his beloved have parents to help with the cost of the wedding.  Erwin is paying for this shindig himself.  He says it’s going to run him around 4K.  As weddings go that’s really not that much money but as rational purchases go that’s a major chunk of change.

I am going to send him some cash as a wedding gift and I would like to invite you guys to do the same, if you so desire.  There is a donation button below to pitch in.

(now with a working button)

As a thank you for donating I will email you a copy of the coven-ant wall paper pictured below.  (Yes I commissioned a wallpaper for that silly meme.  Yes I am aware that I am somewhat insane.  I was going to have it up on Halloween but this seemed like a better use for it)Coven-Ants_preview

For each $800 we raise to help Erwin in his new life I will commission a new wallpaper or pinup to give t o all donors.  I will keep you up to date on the running totals. I’ll be running this donation drive for 30 days however the sooner you can donate the less money Erwin has to borrow and pay off with interest later.

Thanks for all your help and as always thanks for reading.