Two weeks ago I ask you guy to help Erwin with money for his weeding.  Erwin is now a happily married man or as he put it “I’m a husband, now hehheehhe”.  Erwin would also let you know that he could not achieved this status with out your help.  So first off thanks.

Second I did a little experiment here with this fund raiser.  The first week I said you would get a pinup IF you donated.  Then a week later I posted a pinup for no cost and then asked people donate if they could.  The results:

Donation for Content – $140

Free Content and Donation Appeal -$700

Now it has been mentioned that there is a may have been a cofound in this little experiment in that their were two different pictures used and one featured Bunny looking very adorable.  And true that may have been a factor but even with that uncontrolled variable it’s clear that we didn’t loose money by giving the content away for free.

So new rule.  There will be no pay content on blade bunny.  Starting next month I will post a free pinups and a request to help fund the comic.  Those who donate will get an opportunity to determine what the next pinup will be but everyone will get the content.

PS:  You can still donate to Erwin as a wedding gift.  He does have to set up a home for himself.