Here’s the thing.  I am done with cons.  I am done sitting in a warehouse behind a rusty card table, that held together by the deposits of gum stuck on it’s underside, trying to convince people to look at my comics.  There is no joy in it and more importantly there is not profit.    Blade Bunny just doesn’t have the readership to make cons sales worth while sales wise.

I may still show up at a con if they invite me to speak but even on that front I am finding I have less and less to say.  The world of the web having shifted quite dramatically since I started making comics.   I am going stop soliciting to be invited at conventions as a speaking guest.  The only way I will end up going to a con is if they want me and contact me.  Otherwise I am out.

And why the heck should you care about this?  Well because I have got some extra merchandise sitting around that I wont be using and I figure might as well give it you guys instead of letting it collect dust in my basement.

So here’s the deal.  You write me an email telling me the merch you want and what you are willing to do for it.  The most amusing offers will get the merchandise requested.  Ideally it should be something I can post online to share with every one else.

Important Disclaimer: I will not accept any actions that are illegal, immoral, or will cause permanent injury to body or mind.  In short do something fun not something crazy.

If you are interested drop me a line at:

Subject: Merch Request

And tell me:

  • What you want.
  • What you will do for it
  • Shipping address

The merch I have is:

  • 8 Blade Bunny book 1’s
  • 8 Blade Bunny Book 2’s
  • 10 black “The ninja wears the shadows, not underwear” T-shirt sizes small to xl
  • 10 min cds with 6 theme songs and commentaries to the books
  • about 30 buttons from my Exiern days featuring Tiffany, Faden and Peonie.