The short of it.

I am asking for your donations to support the production of this comic.  Bellow is a free pinup to encourage you to donate to the cause.  It costs me about $700 a month to run this comic and I only recoup about $100 in various revenues.  Your donations will really help.

The Science!

So a month ago we did a fundraiser for erwins wedding.  We had two reward images one that you only got if you donated and one you got for fee with a request for donation.  Paradoxically the reward image that was free raised 3 times the amount that of the pay image.

“Ah!” I said, “what a discovery.  Giving the image away for free instead of making it contingent on donations increase over all donations.”

To which the reply was; “Not so fast.  The free image was posted closer to the deadline, and included the title character.  I fear you data may be deeply flaw.”

So clearly we need further tests:

The Plea

As I have said Blade Bunny is a labor of love.  It has always operated at a loss.  It use to be Exiern would support its operation but when I cut my ties to that comic I was not willing to let Bunny die.  So I am asking for you help.  Any little bit really helps the comic.

Here is the button to donate:

And here is the free pinup to encourage you to do so: