As of right now the pay what you want fundraiser has netted $144.  Not a lot of money but on par of what I get with a pay for wallpaper scheme.  And more importantly this is just fun.  It’s fun to get to share the images with everyone instead of demanding a ransom for them.   I will keep on posting pinups and wallpapers as long as I make at least $100 back from them.  When we get to spring and this eternal darkness of fall/winter is not drain the life out of me I might even try to do a few more flash games with this method.

One the other hand my free book/T-shirt giveaway has gone rather poorly… For the most part.  I have gotten one person that very kindly offered a book exchange for the books.  I got the first book today and it’s pretty good, or at least the first chapter is pretty good.  But other than that the response to the offer of free book and T-shrits had been “meh, if we want free thing we’ll pay for them, thank you very much.”  I don’t get it but the offer stand open to anyone who wants a free book or T-shirt.

By the way the book I got in exchange was :

So far, quite enjoyable.