Well last months donation run was a fantastic success ($365) so we are going to try this again.  For those of you not keeping track what is going on here is the short of it.  While raising money I found that donation drives we more successful if I gave the reward away for free and just asked people to donate instead of holding the donation reward hostage.  It was also just more fun for me.

As I said it cost $400 to $600 a month to pay for art, $50 for hosting,  $50 for advertizing and trying to get the word out about the comic.  I do all this out of love but if you love the comic too any little bit helps.  Thank you for you donation.

So here is the donation button:

And here is the free reward:
Bunny Gunfighter in high res
Click image for full size

PS: Thanks to every one who told me I spelled science wrong last month. I just didn’t have the time to fix the file.

PPS: You may be asking what a western showdown has to do with Christmas. Well obviously… Shut up!