Another month and another free pinup with an appeal for donations. I must say this has been going rather well all things considered. While we are not breaking even last month my expenses were cut in half over all. That is a big relief on a number of fronts so thank you so much for your support. You are making it possible for me to continue to share this comic with you.

This month we are doing some alternate reality bunny pictures. The first of the two images is from a strange plane of existence where ninja girls in skimpy outfits get cold. What and odd and distopian universe. It was drawn by Dimaz Wahyu .

As always I give you the pinup for free and then ask you to donate to support the comic. As long as I make a net profit off of this we will continue have pinups and wallpapers with out restriction to accompany my begging.

Here is the image:

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And here is the begging. Please donate anything you can to help keep this comic running.  Just select a tip amount bellow and hit the buy now button. Thank you so much for your support.

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