One of the best monetized webcomics in existence is Drowtales. They are experts in squeezing every penny possible out of the web while still keeping the comic fun. One of the things they do is virtual role playing where readers pay to play characters in a Drowtales comic. I was thinking that I would like to give this a shot with a bit of a twist.

Basically I would like to get about 5 player to run through a story where their action in the story would be made into a bi-weekly comic page (at first). The story would be set in the blade bunny universe, which as we know can include anything and everything we damn well want it to include. The details of how this would have to be worked out with players. I am assuming that it would be some sort of email back and forth or perhaps a private group to discuss how the story would progress.

Now the twist on all this is how I would like to pay for it. Instead of asking the players to pay the comic adventure would be posted for free and the readers would be asked to support the adventure. After all quality role-playing is a skill. We want people who can tell a story not just engage in Mary sue fan fiction. In fact the readers will get the option of tipping player when supporting the comic allowing the players to earn a percentage of the money donated.

If your interested drop me an email and tell me about the character you would be interested in playing.

This might all blow up in my face but if you can’t have fun and do weird things online what’s the point.