Well once again we are trying our “Content Must Be Free” model of fundraising. So far every time I have done this I raise more money then it costs to prodcue the pinup. As long as that keeps happening we can keep on doing this.

Again, I am asking for help producing the comic. Each page costs $50 to produce and honestly Erwin is LONG over due for a raise. Advertising and book sales covers only a fraction of production cost. To make up the difference I beg you to help the comic out.

But instead of keeping the reward hostage behind a pay wall I give it to you for free and know that if you can help you will.   This month we have a vision of Bunny from the future in more ways than one…  I won’t elaborate on that.

So here is the request for money:

Tip Amount

And here is the free reward image:

cyberpunk bunny
Click for full image