Normally I post a single free image with a little reminder that you are allowed to donate to comic to help pay Erwin for all his hard work. So far every month we have earned more than the image costs in donation.

This month we are going to do something a little different. This is April after, a Month that prominently features bunnies… That lay eggs for some bizarre reason… but none the less this is the bunny month… even if they are freaky mutant bunnies.

So instead of having just one image we are going to have a new image with every update, 3 images a week. i can do that because we’ve got something a little different when it comes to images in general. But more about that next week. For now we get a pretty cool movie poster from Erwin.

First a reminder you can give some money to help keep the comic alive:

Tip Amount

And then the free image: