June 20th will mark the posting of the last comic in this era of blade Bunny. It will also mark the end of the Kickstarter I am planning to raise money for the funding of the next era of Blade Bunny. It is a big day for this comic. Either we will be kicking off a new story-line with change in genera, or we will be saying our fond farewells to our lovable bunny eared sociopath.

Either way I think that is something that deserves a party. My family owns a small fishing camp up on lake Saratoga so I plan to invite some of my friends up there on the 21st for some barbecuing and sailing. And since you guy are my friends in an internet kind of way I wanted to see if any of you would be interested.

Now I do have to warn you this would involve natural sunlight, and frankly a fair amount of mosquitoes. The camp is primitive but pretty. And I do know Saratoga is a bit out of the way. But it’s what I have available to me. I suppose I could do something in a park around DC, let me know if that is your preference as well. Given my dithers I would prefer my home turf of upstate NY.

I will talk a bit more about the kickstarter and the long term plans for Blade Bunny next weeks. Don’t take this a doom an gloom just a trial before us. I just wanted to get the party idea out there to gauge interest.