About a month ago I posted an alternate story telling perspective. More of a joke page than anything else making fun of myself for occasionally straying into fan-service territory. It was supposed to just be a one and done page;


And then Micheal had to name the robot girl in the page the “Tin Temptress”. Tin Temptress was such a good name I googled it a figuring it must already exist some where. Outside of some slutty Tin Woodman costume for 12 year olds… Seriously what has gone wrong with Halloween costumes? Should we just rename the Holiday “Ho-our-tweens”. But I digress. Anyway outside of “those costumes” the only refrence I found was a unpublished Paul Sullivan called “Toffee Tin Temptress”. And though the song has nothing to do with robot cowgirls (I think, the lyrics are hard to hear) the name “Toffee, the Tin Temptress” is just such an awesome name for one.

Names have power, and as soon as Toffee had a name she was transformed from a “Hey look, boobs!” joke to an actual character. This Distaff Counterpart to started to speak in my head with her own voice. Given time I could write a comic just about her. Now granted I don’t have the time or money to work her into this story in any meaningful way, but at the very least she has earned the right to have a reader reward in her honor.

To start off with I got a variation of the “System with no Mac Address” song that had a bit more of a Jazz feel to it.

Download Song

You can here the original version of the song here:

Then I got a couple of wallpapers made:

The wallpaper above was a second attempt. Below was the first attempt that I was just not happy with.

But there you have it. You name things and they can take on a life of their own. Be careful with that power.

As always reader rewards are free for all. But I do like to remind you guys that you can support the comic if you like these things or the comic at all:

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