Today we have another look on how the story of Blade Bunny would go if i told the story using a different storytelling method. We have already talked about plot vs character,

And gratuitous fan-service,

Today we take a look at how I could tell the story using memes and injokes. As a follow up to this page;

I could have posted this

Book 16 Page 19-a

This is probably one of the most popular methods of storytelling on the net, but I am not a fan of it. Yes it is entertaining but I also thinks it makes a story feel dated very quickly. For example this example there are going to be a whole bunch of people under the age of 25 who will look at this and say, “Well I don’t see how this is related to star-wars. The Chrome Cowboy shot first in the comic unlike Han Solo who only shot after Gredo shot at him and missed from only 3 feet away. And you know I don’t even know why you are paying homage to that scene in the first place, it was pretty lame. It didn’t really define the character well and make the bounty hunters who are after him look pretty incompetent. Honestly it destroy the flow and sense of peril of the movie.” Then you would have to show them this and by that time the joke would be lost.

Now you can point to times when I quoted or parodied a famous scene but in general that is not intentional. It’s just the effect of my absorbing the background radiation of pop culture. My opinion is that if you are busy parroting famous scenes and quotable memes then you have no time to make up your own.