So I have talked about my dyslexia before but today I saw an interesting post on Facebook;

Scrabled Letters Scrabled Letters

I had absolutely no problem reading this text at normal speed.  In fact it took till the 3 sentence for me to realize that their was anything weird about the text at all.  I was reading along thinking:

“Well of course I can read this why couldn’t I?  Is it that the text is red?  Is this a test for color blindness?  No that doesn’t make sense a little under half the population is not color blind.  Wait a minute was that “that” spell as “taht”.  Wait a minute their a couple of typos in this sentence.  OOOOHH!  All the letters are scrambled.   I didn’t notice that.  So wait a minute again you’re saying that 45% of the population can not read text like this?  Really?  So you are saying when these people see a misspelled words they are unable to understand that piece of text at all?  Man that has got to be so irritating.  How can they stand the internet?”

Now I was a little let down to find out that the data quoted in this article was a hoax.  There is no such Cambridge Study.  We have no idea if anyone is unable to read the text above or not.  It is a phenomena that has been noted but no studies have been done on it to find if their are different levels of skill at reading scrambled text.

So the real question here is can anyone NOT read this?