Well I was hoping I could work something out but it looks like we are going to get a delay in the comic of a little bit. Erwin has some personal issues that he has to deal with and I have run out off filler art to post. Added to the fact that we are one page away from the end of this story I really don’t want to interrupt the comic.

So we are probably going on a break for a little bit, (a week or two) while Erwin gets things back in order. I will be scrambling around to get some filler art from various artist. Then the question of how to avoid this is the future comes up. I’ll be trying to come up with some ways to do that. I think the first step is being more regimented in my script writing to have more break point in the stories. I will have to think about it.

Until then here is a couple cool comics you can read:


Feel free to post your own recommendations in the comic.