It was noticed that there was a bit of a image distortion in the last page of Jin’s prologue. This is because I had to make a last minute change to the dialogue of the comic. In that I had to remove a lot of the dialog. The comic as originally scripted had a lot more talking in it. I didn’t see the flaw until I got the art back from Erwin and was confronted by the wall of words in the page.

But since you spotted my quick modifications I might as well show you the page before my self and the patreon donors (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, get it, patreon donors get special access) edited it. So yet again you get an alternate storytelling perspective. This time the art of shutting the hell up.
JIN PROLOG PAGE 3 in 700px wide

And just for fun here is the unletter page in case you want to try your hand at rewriting it:
JIN PROLOG PAGE 3 in 700px unlettered