Well it’s been a little while since I reminded you guys of the various ways you can support the comic. Of course you get a little reward for your support… or actually you get the reward for not supporting the comic either.

This comic runs on donations at this point. I ran out of money to pay for the comic on my own a couple of months ago. If you can help in any way it is much appreciated. But even if you can I appreciate you taking the time to visit me and listen to the silly stories I tell.

The reward image for this reminder is one of the most requested events that I get. Every time Bunny does a flip or a handstand people ask for Bunny to suffer a wardrobe malfunction. Well, let it not be said that I don’t give the people what they want.

So here are your buttons to support the comic.

Tip Amount


And here is Bunny’s Wardrobe Malfunction.