Normally I space out these rewards to have one update a month. After all, it cost money to make these silly wallpapers. If I post to many at once I eat all the possible profits. The whole point of the wallpapers it to try an make enough money to support the comic. Posting two back to back, and right before a “spend all your money on stuff” holiday, is not the best way to make money, even if we are currently running in the red.

And then A Gray Phantom had to say this:

“Dargh-blargh argh!!! JUST KISS DAMMIT!!! (º□º)”

Gahhh! Must resist urge to taunt… Even though he used capital letters and everything. Inner internet troll coming to surface… Must resit natural wise-ass nature… MUST… STAY… STRONG!

AHHHHHHH!!! No I can’t. I just can’t. So here you are. A wallpaper of exactly what A Gray Phantom ask for. Bunny and Kyoto just KISS, damnit!


As always these free wallpapers are a way to ask for support of the comic (and, perhaps, in this case , to also be a bit of an ass). As I said money is really tight right now and any support you can give is very much appreciated. Hell if we raise enough money to keep the lights on, one day, we might see Bunny and Kyoto kiss as well as KISS.

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