Confess villian          origin villains

I have been reading some great books featuring superheroes lately. And more specifically supervillains. Jim Bernheimer’s Confessions of a D-List Supervillain and Origins of a D-List Supervillain are some bloody amusing books. They are written in a memoir format and resemble Andy Weir’s The Martian (also a great book) in the writing style and format. The books feature Cal Stringel’s adventures at being a villain and sometimes a hero. There is not so much a story arch as a series of events in the Cal’s life. The thing that makes the books great is that Cal is so amusing and just a genuinely interesting guy that you really enjoy spending time with him. It’s definitely something worth checking out.

You can check out the rest of his work at I have not read his other series but he is a very fun writer, they’ll probably be worth your time. If you tell him I sent you… um… nothing will happen I don’t really know the guy. I guess he will like me better in the abstract. And isn’t that we all strive for in life? To have strangers to have a higher hypothetical opinion of us.  I know that’s my goal, not making the world a better place or any of that nonsense, but reducing the number of people who are actively indifferent to my existence.  Truly, it is a noble path.  After all this could all be a computer program simulating reality or some such and then won’t you feel silly for all the wasted time feeding the homeless and crusading for social justice.

I guess what I am trying to say is Gandhi was a chump.

And you should check out Jim Bernheimer’s books because they are very entertaining.