Hi there.  Thanks for clicking on the link.  This is just a quick landing page to tell you about the comic.  The reason you are hear is because I want you to buy the comic book print run of Blade Bunny available online or through your comic book store with the order code FEB161116

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Still reading?  Haven’t bought the comic yet?  Let me guess you want to have a REASON why you should buy the comic. You know you really should talk to someone about your suspicious nature.

What is Blade Bunny and why should you buy it?  Blade Bunny a silly ninja action/comedy comic starring Bunny a ninja girl that acts the fool but turn out to be more competent than many expect.  The character and comic takes heavy inspiration for oddball character like Harley Quinn and Buffy (the movie not the TV show) placing the character in a typical Japanese ninja manga.  The comic started publication in April of 2010 and finished up it’s first story arch in 2015.    More information about Bunny is here:

Welcome to Blade Bunny

And you can get a pretty good overview of the comic on the TVtropes page:

Bunny Tropes

You can also read the comic online for free right here on this site by clicking the home button above.

Yes, I know some of you are asking why you should buy an amazing, life changing, print comic book when you can just read the lesser, soulless, digital version for free.  No reason, if you don’t mind being an ass. I mean some people are fine being and ass and you could be one of those people.  I don’t judge your life choice to be an ass instead of a wonderful human being.  You’ve got to be you.

Although, there is one small additional reason to buy the comic.  If the print comic does well then I will have the money to create more comics.  If it does not then what you see is what you get.  Honestly the only reason I can give you to buy the print comic is if you like the comic.

Either way, I appreciate you stopping buy (<-subliminal messaging) and hope you enjoy the comic…

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