As I said to promote the comic premier of Blade Bunny we are having a short 8 page intro into what I would do with Bunny next.

Hey did I mention you can buy the comic premier of Blade Bunny at:

Or by going to a comic book store and asking them to order the comic for you.  Because you can and if the print run does well I will start up the comic again.  Wow!  That means buying the book is really important! Go figure.

You can also support the Patreon for the comic or even just turn off adblock for this site (Note:only turn ad block off if you think I’ve earned it.  I am not one of those “your stealing my content by not giving me ad money” people). The point is that the only thing holding back Blade Bunny now is money.

So about this comic.  We are doing a bit of a retcon here were I took down Matt’s work and am starting fresh from the end of the previous run.  Nothing against Matt but I wanted to go my own way on this instead of building off his ideas.

We are going to go with a sci-fi “Blader” Bunny in this next chapter because:

  1. I was sick of the fantasy world.
  2. There has never been a lame pun that I didn’t like.

Kyoto will be part of the story overall but she will not be in this short. I am trying to go with something a bit more atmospheric in this introduction and introducing her would be a bit too complicated.

Hope you like it and as always it’s fill me with joy that you all are willing to take the time to share in my madness.